Nothing Gets Wasted

I hate waste. This includes things that could have been used or, more likely, should have been used, but get tossed out because they expire, become outdated, or time proves them to be useless. It’s not even that I’m against things, just wasted things. I believe that things should be enjoyed, and then used up or passed along for others to enjoy as well. But even with careful planning, things spoil and have to be trashed, or items get shoved into the back of drawers and closets until they are past their prime.

Thankfully God works differently. In His economy, nothing gets wasted. Those things that seem spoiled and beyond use, or other things that seem forgotten and better left hidden; God see these things as treasures to be used.

– Moses’ time in Pharaoh’s palace prepared him to deliver a people.

– Joseph’s time in prison prepared him to lead a nation.

– David’s time alone with his slingshot prepared him to face Goliath.

– Shadrach, Mechach, and Abednego’s discipline with food and palace life prepared them for the fiery furnace.

God was working in the lives of these heroes of the faith during loss, famine, depression, anguish, doubt, and fear. They had no clue what their daily trials and shortcomings were producing in their lives.

He does the same for us. He desires that nothing be wasted in our lives as well. God takes what feels like wasted time to prepare us, teach us, mold us, and direct us. He lets us learn His faithfulness in our weakness and in our shortcomings. He meets our needs and teaches us to trust Him.

It is often in those seemingly empty places that the Lord begins to chip away at those things that need to go. Impatience, recklessness, overspending, careless use of our tongues, self-centeredness, bitterness, and lack of self-control. These are just some of the areas the Lord may address during this time of His preparation.

What are these types of seasons that feel so wasteful, where we can find ourselves?

– parenting young ones where we are so limited in time and energy.

– our early adult years where we are so limited in money and experience.

– homeschooling years where we are so limited in our outreach abilities since so much time is needed at home

– seasons of sickness where we are physically limited

– our late retirement years where we are limited from doing what we once could

Like all things, Scripture has an answer for wasted times too. Joel 2:25 teaches us, “And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten.”

God can actually take what was fully destroyed and restore it; to make it whole and useful.

God is always doing this. He makes us new creatures at salvation and promises, to one day, fully restore us in eternity. He is even going to fully redeem this fallen planet and restore it for use in eternity.

God wastes nothing, and neither should we. If we will give Him all of our broken pieces, the things we would like to only offer to the trash can, He can and will, in His perfect time, use those broken pieces for His honor and His glory.

So why do we hold back? What do we need to release to God today?

Walking together,


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