When We Forget We’re Human

Have you ever tried a stunt and it fell completely short? Sure, you convinced yourself that you could vault off that diving board, or flip a skateboard and still land on it- upright. You could definitely jump that ditch on your bike, or ski that double black diamond slope- until you couldn’t. Sometimes we like to forget that we’re not the professionals. We’re not skilled in these adventures, nor have we trained for them. All we did was watch them on TV, and they made it all look so very easy.

It’s one thing to do this with humans who have accomplished amazing feats; I mean, at least we’re the same species, so there must be some long shot hope we could accomplish the impossible too. But how often do we do this with God? We forget that we have limits, while He is limitless; that we are confined by certain boundaries, where He is endless.

It’s because of these limits, these boundaries, that we just can’t accomplish everything our hearts desire.

We can’t:

– read every book published

– listen to every podcast produced

– taste every recipe created

– try every restaurant menu

– hike every trail

– experience every vacation available

– pursue every hobby possible

You see, you don’t have to make choices; you get to make choices, and with that, sometimes we make the wrong choice. We waste resources, squander our time, and choose the lesser over the greater.

But having limits also pushes us to rely on the One who is limitless. It allows us to turn to the Father and ask, “Can You help me, please?” “Can You give me wisdom about this?” Can You show me what’s really important here?”

What are we supposed to do with all of these limits? Thankfully, the Scriptures give us some guidelines that help us to understand important things that need to be included in our limited boundaries.

1. We need to redeem the time.

This means we have to carefully choose how we curate the minutes we have been given. Our calendars and planners can’t contain it all. In our limited humanness, we have to protect what’s important, add in some hobbies or entertainment, and then cut the rest. There will always be leftovers.

2. Know and love God’s Word.

The hard thing about this one has to do with actually reading God’s Word, not just books that contain it. Devotionals are great, commentaries- priceless. We have all been blessed by a unlimited array of inspirational books, but that’s just the thing, we’ll never get to read them all. What we must be reading is Scripture, and that should happen daily.

3. Save and spend wisely.

Yes, we need to save for the future, but we will never have it all. The word “no” is a word we have to become familiar with, in this limited resource world.

4. Encourage the believers.

People do need love and encouragement, but often simple things can outweigh the grandiose. A text, note, phone call, hug, plate of cookies, or cup of coffee can meet a need where resources and time constraints keep us from large dinner parties, extravagant gifts, or grand reunions.

While we wait for eternity, where there will be more of what we desire: more time, more energy, more strength, and more capacity, let us use this time – not to do everything, but to do those things that really matter.

Walking together,


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