When We Forget We’re Human

Have you ever tried a stunt and it fell completely short? Sure, you convinced yourself that you could vault off that diving board, or flip a skateboard and still land on it- upright. You could definitely jump that ditch on your bike, or ski that double black diamond slope- until you couldn’t. Sometimes we likeContinue reading “When We Forget We’re Human”

Too Big Too Fail

The concept of being too big to fail has been apart of the American conscience for several generations. The term was popularized during a 1984 congressional hearing by U.S. Congressman Stewart McKinney. According to Wikipedia, Too Big To Fail theory or TBTF asserts that certain corporations are so large and so interconnected that their failureContinue reading “Too Big Too Fail”

Muscle Memory

Way before I began blogging, I was first a musician. I began in elementary school, eventually earning two degrees in music, and have spent almost two full decades, post graduation, in music ministry. While studying in college, music teachers would stress developing accurate muscle memory. This is the ability to move quickly and accurately fromContinue reading “Muscle Memory”

The Original Cancel Culture

Modern times have seen a new phenomena, a rise in the concept of cancel culture. People live in fear of being cancelled or rejected. A career or life’s work can disappear overnight. Wikipedia defines cancel culture as, “ A modern form of ostracism in which someone is thrust out of social or professional circles eitherContinue reading “The Original Cancel Culture”

Down and Back Again

Some words paint pictures that we can all understand. Mountaintops is one of those words. We all strive to have mountaintop experiences, where hard work and dedication payoff in a deeply fulfilling way, or we desire a mountaintop view that pictures beauty, majesty, and breathtaking sights. We love the thought of mountaintop experiences; we loveContinue reading “Down and Back Again”

Do You Think They Knew?

Have you ever been genuinely surprised by something? Perhaps it was a gift or an act of service that completely blew you away. You just didn’t see it coming, and therefore you didn’t have to fake surprise because your reaction was really from the heart. We are actually surrounded by more surprises than we evenContinue reading “Do You Think They Knew?”

7 Things to Not Say to a Survivor of Sexual Assault (Part 1)|| Hope in the Healing Series

(Set in Silver will focus one blog per month to the various issues surrounding sexual assault though a Hope in the Healing Series.) Word choice, it’s not always a successful accomplishment. With the thousands of words we humans use each and everyday, you would think that we would be well versed in choosing powerful, heart-warming,Continue reading “7 Things to Not Say to a Survivor of Sexual Assault (Part 1)|| Hope in the Healing Series”

Do You Believe What You Believe?

The abundant varieties of GPS units really are a blessing to modern day travelers; until it isn’t. GPS units are designed to give us the best directions from point A to point B. Sometimes we listen to it, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we argue with it; sometimes we don’t follow it at all. We decideContinue reading “Do You Believe What You Believe?”