The Confusion of Shame || Hope in the Healing Series

(Set in Silver will focus one blog per month to the various issues surrounding sexual assault through a Hope in the Healing series.) Confusion, it’s something we have all faced in various degrees at different points in our lives. Sometimes it brings minor inconveniences to our lives, yet in other situations it can be lifeContinue reading “The Confusion of Shame || Hope in the Healing Series”

On Second Thought

Have you ever really wanted something? Perhaps it’s a purchase you thought you just couldn’t live without: a new pair of shoes, a designer purse, a perfect outfit? Maybe it wasn’t a purchase as much as a certain date, a specific vacation, or a much longed-for conversation. You really thought you wanted it, until youContinue reading “On Second Thought”

The More You Know

If you grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, then you’ll remember “The More You Know” ad campaign. These ads attempted to give relevant info on current issues, in bite-sized pieces. Their tagline, “The more you know” ended every pitch. What were they attempting to accomplish? I’m guessing that they wanted to start a dialogueContinue reading “The More You Know”


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